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  1. Iteration 48: Better support for Kanban and hashtags
  2. Add tasks to your story cards
  3. A new approach to tags
  4. Assigning other people to cards
  5. Suggesting tags as you type
  6. Iteration 47: Reprioritising cards on the Kanban board
  7. Iteration 46: Real-time updates and performance improvements
  8. Iteration 45: Tagging and searching
  9. Get organised with hashtags
  10. Iteration 44: Public boards and UI improvements
  11. Sharing your work on public boards
  12. Iteration 43: Coloured stickers and Search
  13. Iteration 40: Import, export, and a redesigned chart
  14. Iteration 39: Refactoring the card editor
  15. Iteration 38: Write stories and notes in Markdown
  16. Iteration 37: Big visible charts
  17. Iteration 36: Integrating discussions with your email
  18. Iteration 35: Building a better way to communicate with your team
  19. Iteration 34: Attaching files/documents to cards
  20. Iteration 33: Picking up cards, recent activity, mobile support
  21. Iteration 32: Pivotal import, mug-shots, and links to related cards
  22. Introducing the Agile Planner Retrospectives
  23. Running Rails jobs in background threads
  24. Print sign-up codes on your startup business cards
  25. The importance of having a goal
  26. Are you an agile redneck?
  27. KISSmetrics webinar on Split Testing
  28. Refactoring with Hexagonal Rails
  29. Why is iterative development motivating?
  30. 6 Lessons from Joel Gascoigne
  31. How I chose my first MVP
  32. How do you name your startup?
  33. How long is your startup runway?
  34. And so it begins...