Agile Planner API

The API provides access to all the cards, iterations and boards in your Agile Planner account. The API uses REST and (where data needs to be transferred) accepts or returns JSON.

All access to the API is via HTTPS, rooted at this URL:

Getting started

We use OAuth 2 to authenticate all requests against a user account. Every application that uses the API therefore needs an application specific ID, and a key.

You'll soon be able to register your applications and retrieve your app's ID and secret from within your account.

Briefly, for each session in which your application needs to access the API the customer will need to grant access to your application. Your application will need to send the customer to a page on our site that will ask your user to authorize your application to access their account. If they accept, we will redirect the user back to the callback URL, and will add a parameter to the query string from which you'll be able to obtain an access token for the current session.

Callback URLs typically look something like this:

We'll setup your app, record your callback URL, and get back to you with your ID and secret key.