Next time they ask when the software will ship, you'll be able to tell them

Agile Planner converts story cards into a plan you can commit to

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  • Use your recent progress to predict how quickly you'll be able to deliver current work.
  • Stay on top the team's progress by keeping an eye on the Kanban wall. Drag and drop cards to keep team-mates and stakeholders up to date.
  • Quickly jot down and refactor story tasks in plain text, as bulleted lists in Markdown. Make notes, attach files.
  • Beautiful things are more fun to use. You deserve it. Take the tour...
  • Does everything you need, nothing you don't.
    — Ric Roberts, CTO at Swirrl
  • With a growing and diverse team, everyone having access to the office whiteboard wasn't practical. Agile Planner keeps us all up to date. Invaluable!
    — Andrew Threlfall, Founder at Malinko