Agile Planner Blog

  1. Add tasks to your story cards

    Planner now lets you add tasks to your story cards, by adding [ ] and [x] to your (Markdown) lists. Planner converts your square brackets into checkboxes, which you can click to mark tasks as complete.

  2. A new approach to tags

    For some time now, Planner has allowed you to organise your story cards by tagging them with hashtags.

    We chose to use hashtags because they’d help us to keep Planner’s user interface clean and simple, and for the most part they worked well. It’s become clear that hashtags have their limitations, so we’ve replaced them with a more typical tagging interface.

  3. Assigning other people to cards

    When using Planner you can show people which cards you’re working on by adding your avatar to your cards. The intention is to make it easy to see at a glance what people are currently doing. In the past you’ve only been able to add/remove your own avatar.

    Feedback from users has made it apparent that you need to be able to add/remove your teammates too, and now you can.

  4. Suggesting tags as you type

    Planner lets you group your cards together with #hashtags. It can be hard to remember all the tags that your team is using to keep stuff organised, but Planner can know remind you which tags are in use, suggesting tags as you type...